The Bright Side Of Hockey

There are tons of things why I love hockey. First, its because I usually see minor and major brawls in a game (hahaha). Second, it’s way cooler when you hold a hockey stick and nail the puck into the opponent’s net and score GOAL!! Man, I can’t get rid of that intense feeling.

The Bright Side Of Hockey

Ohh guys you’re being cute. Why not get married and make some wedding invitations for your big day?


Ever Wondered What’s The Coolest Games On Earth Right Now?

Fun starts once you commit yourself on a game. Did you know that there are actually hot online games right now where you can perfectly get money out of toilet paper? Amazing thing is that you have a chance to enjoy your MMORPG while at the same time you are having a good cash flow out of the games you are playing.  Believe me, the girls love it! Let’s take Civilization 5 of Sid Meier as a good example. Although there were a lot of version released in 2013, the most applicable CIV 5 cheats is just somewhere out there. What you need to do is look around and trust your gut-feeling.

coolest online game right now

The D3 Fanaticism: OWNING while pawning higher level players in PVP using my level 70+ Diablo 3 demon hunter with a simple item and gold trick made me rule the game! And yes, speaking of Blizzard Entertainment, there are also good command and Dota 2 cheats that you can use when doing LAN games. The concept is somewhat similar to DOTA only that the setting is DOTA II.

It’s alright. I don’t care if you judge me for being a cheat because (yes I cheat) but it’s for the sake of glory, money and power. I mean… I wonder if  you do not also wish to become a legend in a particular online game or become a well-known pilot with a very formidable character in-game? If you are a hard-core gamer who preach about doing a tiring job leveling your character then go on I don’t really care. But if you are somebody who’s willing to become a God and rule in XBox or in PC games and you are with me then this read is for you! ;)